Skills and Tips in Precision Machining

With the continuous development of society and the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, we often carry out precision machining around us, so we are familiar with it. We should pay attention to details and skills in precision machining, so that we can get better results. Today, Xiaobian came with you to learn the skills and tips in precision machining, respectively, as follows:


Tip 1: Remove the jaw of the vise, and process two M4 threaded holes. Two steel plates 1.5mm thick are equal to the jaw. Rivet the 0.8mm thick hard brass plate 3 with an aluminum countersunk rivet and fasten it to the jaw with an M4 countersunk screw 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This can also protect hardware parts from being clamped, but also has interchangeability.


Tip 2: It is inconvenient to absorb and take small parts (fee parts) by magnet. It can absorb a iron plate 2 under magnet 1. It can not only absorb many small pieces, but also pull them apart. Small pieces will be automatically dumped into the collection box immediately, which is not enough to impress, but it is very practical.


Tip 3: When the pulley drives, the pulley often slips between the axle and the pulley, and a series of holes are drawn on the axle with a


Tip 4: When one handle of the inner hexagonal wrench is short and unable to exert force, the pipe with a slightly larger inner diameter than the wrench can be inserted into the groove from a milling slot, which can be used as a long handle.


Tip 5: For tightening the workpiece, there is the idea of first positioning and then clamping. But for a workpiece, first clamping and then positioning, because the workpiece will be deformed when clamping, so it should be clamped first and then positioning. For 6-point positioning, it should be found to limit its degree of freedom.

Post time: Sep-30-2019
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