What kinds of errors are likely to occur in the processing of mechanical spare parts?

Nowadays, with the continuous development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, we often come into contact with the processing of mechanical parts. Its arrival has brought great convenience to our life. Sometimes, due to the improper methods we use, the processing of mechanical parts is prone to errors. What should we do at this time? Today, Xiaobian came to learn with you what errors are likely to occur in the processing of mechanical spare parts. They are as follows:


1. Location error: Location error mainly includes reference non-coincidence error and positioning pair manufacturing inaccuracy error.


2. Measurement error: When parts are measured during or after processing, the measurement accuracy is directly affected by measuring methods, measuring accuracy, workpiece and subjective and objective factors.


3. Cutter error: any cutter will inevitably produce wear in the cutting process, which will cause the change of workpiece size and shape.


4. Fixture error: Fixture’s function is to make the workpiece equal to the tool and the machine tool have the correct position, so the geometric error of the fixture has a great influence on the machining error (especially the position error).


5. Machine tool error: including spindle rotation error, guide rail error and transmission chain error. Spindle rotation error refers to the variation of the actual rotation axis of the spindle relative to its average rotation axis at each instant, which will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece being processed.

Post time: Oct-09-2019
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